Strawberry Lemon Verbena Chia Seed Jam

Adapted from Marisa of Uproot Kitchen.

I started making morning oats earlier this year after watching a video tutorial by the Sweet Potato Chronicles for easy breakfast recipes on Skillshare. It is an extremely easy, time-saving way of getting yourself to eat a full-hearty breakfast every morning. But after about a month of consistently making this oats, I got tired of eating it every day. Yes, I know it is good for myself, but I need some flavors in my life!

So, as I was flipping through Instagram, I saw that Marisa from Uproot Kitchen had posted a recipe for Chia Seed Jam (I definitely recommend you to check her blog out if you also are a food and gardening enthusiast). This was a totally new concept to me. But a jam that is ready within half an hour without all the water bathing and processing? I’m sold! I made her blueberry jam recipe and it turned out very well. It’s simple and delicious!

As you already know though, I get bored of the same thing easily. So, I immediately started thinking of ways to reinvigorate this jam. I rummaged through our refrigerator to see what fruits I had and found a box of strawberries. But just strawberries sound boring. I know I had wanted to try a lemon verbena infusion because I had a big unused pot of it growing in my backyard with plenty of sprigs. So, I decided to try the infusion in this jam. End result? It was good. It was very reminiscent of a strawberry lemonade taste with the citrus taste from the leaves but without the acidity. Try this out or try it with different ingredients with your own twist!

1 pint of strawberries
1-2 sprigs of lemon verbena
2 tbsp of maple syrup
1 1/2 tbsp of chia seeds
Slice and chop the strawberries into small chunks.
Place the strawberries and maple syrup into a pot and heat over medium-low heat. Keep an eye on the strawberries and stir to prevent it from burning.
As the strawberries begins to soften, tear the lemon verbena leaves a bit to release its flavor and add to the pot.
Stir until the strawberries has broken down into syrup like (about 5 minutes). Break down chunks with your spoon.
Remove and discard the lemon verbena leaves. Add the chia seeds and stir until thickens to jam-like consistency.
Remove from heat and refrigerate overnight. Eat within a week.




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